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We are passionate about helping homeowners build beautiful home and spaces through out San Jose and surrounding areas.

We have just one mission; to honestly deliver home remodeling service which leads the pack. Setting the pace in the field of structural designs and home remodeling is the mentality every member of staff possess at Wise Builders. An ancient proverb posits that there are two ways by which a building can become the tallest; by pulling down other buildings, or by rising above other buildings.

We choose to adopt the latter strategy. Our dedicated team of experts works all round the clock, researching technologies which expand the frontier of knowledge. Innovative solutions tailored to meet your needs are always sought after and we tirelessly ensure that we bring this to fruition.

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We Are Reliable

We are reliable. You can sit back, fold your arms, blindfold your eyes, move out of town, and you’ll still be assured of the quality you’ll receive. You are also assured that only materials which withstand the test of time and quality are used in your home remodeling or renovation project.

We Are Responsive

Home renovation involves a lot of calls, exchange of ideas, the passing of information, and purchase of materials. We are always available, at your beck and call, open to your ideas, happy to hear your suggestions, quick to implement your solutions, and so on.

We Are Qualified

Every license required by the local authorities is available. We are highly certified and qualified to take on home remodeling and home renovation projects of any magnitude. We can help you acquire the license for your building, building permits, contracts, and other required particulars.

Everything started long ago...

We value the tradition of creating an incredible living experience

You give us your idea; nothing but a simple idea. We refine, polish, and provide you with the finished product. The precise and complex thinking expands on it until it is agreed that the idea can become a reality. This new idea is outlined countless of times; uncountable designs are made and re-made and plans are accepted and foregone.

The care and attention given to each design are not without reason. The aim is to produce a building which is immaculately functional; to implement a unique design which serves a great and essential purpose. When the team is certain of a chosen design, next begins the manufacturing process that breathes life into that simple idea.

The end result of all this is a product that does much more than initially expected; a product that serves more purposes than its primary one. That is not the end though, as the team learns from their latest creation; to see if anything can be developed on; to create something even greater than the previous innovation.

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